Mandir Priest

Acharya Pramod Padhiji

Phone: 770-334-7300


About Acharya Pramod Padhiji

It is our privilege to have Acharya Pramod Padhiji as Sanatan Mandir's full time priest since October of 2009.

Acharya Pramod Padhiji is well versed in all Hindu rituals, Karma kands, Pujas, and Jyotish Vidya. Padhiji is versatile and can do pujas (all sixteen sanskars) according to North Indian, South Indian, East Indian, & also West Indian norms. Padhiji has 16+ years of experience and has worked in temples in the USA for the last 7 years, a temple in Thailand, and also a temple in Delhi for 5 years. Padhiji is very proficient and knowledgeable. He is available to do:

Private Puja (outside the Mandir) at a location of your choice:
Please call or e-mail to schedule a private Puja.
Available priest services include:
Satya Narayan Katha, Vaastu Puja, Car Puja, Shanti Hawan, Engagement, Wedding ceremonies, and many more.
Private Puja in the Mandir:
Besides sponsoring & participating in the Mandir by prior appointment, you can have a private puja in the Mandir. Please see the list under Puja Services for more details.

Volunteer Priest

Bhipinbhai Bhatt

Praful Desai