Puja Services

Simantonnayana (hair-parting)

The third Sanskara of the embryo is Simantonnayana. That rite in which the hairs of a pregnant woman were parted was called Simanta. The purpose is partly superstition and partly practical. People believed that a woman in her pregnancy is subject to attacks of evil spirits and enhance some rite to be performed to ward them off. The religious intention of the Sanskara to bring about prosperity to the mother and long life to the unborn child. The ceremony should be performed in the fourth (preferable), sixth or eight month of pregnancy.

Service Charges: At Home - $151
  At Temple - $101

Note: There will be an extra gas charge of $.50 per mile. No charge if Panditji is picked up and dropped back after the puja.

Please respect the services of the Panditji by being generous with the Dakshina. We suggest a minimum of 30% of the fees.