Puja Services

Namakarana (Naming Ceremony)

The Hindus realized the importance of naming a person suitably and so made the custom of naming a person a ceremony. Brihaspati said "Name is the primary means of social interaction; it brings about merits and is root of fortune. From name man attains fame. Therefore, naming ceremony is very praiseworthy". The ceremony is performed on the tenth or the twelfth day after the birth of the child. To get rid of the impurity caused by the birth, the house is washed and purified and child and mother were bathed. After performing the preliminary rites, then mother covering the head of the child with new cloth welted his band with water and hands the baby over to the father. After this, offerings are made to the Gods. In consultations with the family priest, the child's name is established.

Service Charges: At Home - $151
  At Temple - $101

Note: There will be an extra gas charge of $.50 per mile. No charge if Panditji is picked up and dropped back after the puja.

Please respect the services of the Panditji by being generous with the Dakshina. We suggest a minimum of 30% of the fees.