Puja Services

Upanayana (Thread ceremony)

"Upanayana" literally means "taking one near (the teacher)". With the ceremony the teacher initiates a young boy to take a vow to seek knowledge for the rest of his life. By virtue of this ceremony the initiated was ranked as "dvija" (twice born). After this ceremony the young boy becomes a full Brahmana. The yajnasutra or sacred thread with three strands remind him constantly of three properties of the Brahman, namely Sat, Chit and Ananda. It also reminds him to raise above the three Guna, namely, Satva, Raja and Tama. He is also supposed to remain a Brahmachari (celebate seeker of Brahman) until his entry to the Grihastha ashrama. The Sanskara is performed between the ages of eight and twelfth year.

Service Charges: At Home - $301
  At Temple - $251

Note: There will be an extra gas charge of $.50 per mile. No charge if Panditji is picked up and dropped back after the puja.

Please respect the services of the Panditji by being generous with the Dakshina. We suggest a minimum of 30% of the fees.