Puja Services

Graha shanti puja /havan (Wedding)

It is the most important Sanskara in the life of a person. The Vedic seers have established four ashramas namely, (1) Brahmacharya, (2) Grihastha (householder's life) (3) Vanaprastha (retired life) and (4) Sanyasa (life of renunciation). Married life is essential to perpetuate the family lineage and for the growth of personality. Marriage is a family affair rather than a personal one. That is why all the close relatives assembled to celebrate the marriage in the family. A regular marriage provided a life-long companionship to a person. In the past, an utmost care was taken in selecting a bride or a groom, because the best possible progeny was desirable and therefore, physically, mentally and morally fit match was necessary, as the children inherit the good or bad qualities of their parents.

Service Charges: At Home - $251
  At Temple - $151

Note: There will be an extra gas charge of $.50 per mile. No charge if Panditji is picked up and dropped back after the puja.

Please respect the services of the Panditji by being generous with the Dakshina. We suggest a minimum of 30% of the fees.